Career Development|员工发展

Career Development

        Employees are the most valuable assets of FSUA, and the quality of employees is the guarantee of the company's future. The company is people-oriented, and investing in human resources is the priority, gradually establishing a complete and efficient training course, system and personal development plan.

The staff development plan systematically assists employees to improve their business, quality, management theory, understanding of nation and foreign language proficiency. To obtain comprehensive training and practical experience, further improve working ability, and give fully fulfill the potential of employees.

FSUA group has formulated the "Project 611" for outstanding employees:

1.  FSUA encourages employees to accept life education and encourages them 

to take full advantage of all opportunities to promote their personal career on the premise of the company's development. The company reuses both practical and highly educated elites.

2. Since 2013, FSUA has implemented “Project 611”.

1) Annual special grants for the development of reserve cadres according to the “611 Plan”.

2) Special budget for the introduction of outstanding talents in accordance with the “611 Plan”.

3. Encouraging life education

1). FSUA provides research and training for core staff. Education fee can be reimbursed for training expenses.

2). FSUA provides overseas training and exchange opportunities for reserve cadres. The relevant expenses can be funded through prior approval.

3). With prior approval and approval, FSUA provides six years’ excellent employees with funds to study for a part-time master or doctor.