Profile of First Sino Union Group

First Sino Union Group Limited (FSUA, for short) is a cross-regional large enterprise group. The group‘s global headquarter is located in Hongkong, and it's China headquarter is located in Shanghai, with more than 20 group members in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, and Portugal.

FSUA is an important member enterprise of Hong Kong Franklin Asian Infrastructure Fund Limited.   

In addition to the Real Estate Development business, FSUA’s main business also includes the following three areas:

Aviation Tourism business:Gathered in friendly countries along the “Belt and Road”, engaged in global tourism scenic spots development (New Chinatown, New Asiatown), pilgrimage tourism services, thematic tourism services, civil aviation investment, and tourism real estate.

Modern Agriculture business:  Invest in the agriculture productive services and countryside consumer, investment in social networking platforms for farmers & countryside, and agricultural aviation(industry of planet protection via UAV).

Medical Science and Technologybusiness: High-end medical facility services and medical materials improvement in medical institutions in medium-small cities.

Over the years, FSUA has maintained its characteristics of being a “social enterprise”: serving the public sector through enterprise-based methods; pursuing symbiosis and “win-win” outcomes among multiple parties with the business direction of interests maximization; taking the “century-old enterprise” as its development vision, and taking the road of “small, but fine, specialized and strong”.

FSUA’s unique business model and management philosophy have attracted a lot of insightful professionals whom soon gathered into a highly influential team of scholars and advisors for the Group. Currently, FSUA owns a diverse and strong management team composed of senior professionals from China and abroad. In recent years, FSUA has cooperated with partner enterprises and invested billions of US dollars in the above-mentioned business areas, leading to the formation of a stable and sustainable profit model and a social enterprise operating system. FSUA has also obtained a good social reputation along the way. (Last modified: July 2022)