Overseas Zone|境外产业园运营

Overseas Cooperation Zone and Real Estate Business

        In the 1990s, FSUA began its real estate business and has achieved remarkable success in office building development, industrial park development, and wholesale market development. Since then, it has rapidly grown into a well-funded and standardized private enterprise.

In recent years, FSUA gradually transformed and faded out from domestic real estate market. At the same time, with the rich experience in real estate development, we are focusing on Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone,  golf courses, large Asian scenic tourism complexes and New Chinatown along the “Belt & Road”. Currently, FSUA is working with the Franklin Fund to conduct these operations in the Balkans, Cambodia and South Korea. Tameus Golf Course and Village in Jeju Island, South Korea is a brand new attempt. The website is www.1trip.org