Medical Tech|医疗科技

Medical business

        Medical Business (First Sino Union Medicine limited, FSUM for short) of FSUA is committed to providing maintenance for high-end medical equipment and material improvement services for about 1000 medical institutions in small and medium-sized cities. We also provide high-end medical equipment rental services for hospitals.

FSUM is deeply rooted in the field of professional technology and urban & rural primary medical care. Great progress has been made in the field of medical radioactivity services, the overall solution of primary medical treatment and the service of industrial radiology.

FSUM has a group of experienced technicians who have spent nearly two decades in the field of medical radioactivity equipment, the same science and engineering background has made their pursuit of technology close to obsession. For many years' work in the medical field, the team, like all clinicians, feels patient and their heavy pain.

FSUM strives for excellence in each device it is responsible for, and traces the roots of each failure. The team's efforts have received extensive praise from customers and peers, and nearly 1,000 long-term cooperative medical institutions have been established.

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